Monthly Meets

August 2022 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 10th August 2022!

July 2022 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

Great weather and another great turnout for our July Monthly Meet with several new faces and vehicles; cars, vans and bikes. As always Annie, Fraser and all the team at The Piltdown Man looked after us all very well despite us putting them under pressure from the large number of our members who attended and partook of the excellent food and drink available. It was very hot outside so must have been even hotter for the poor staff in the pub kitchen but they rose to the challenge with their customary smiles.

All the vehicles present were a credit to their owners as they had clearly been lovingly prepared and glistened in the hot evening sunshine. Nevertheless your committee had to make decisions about the car of the night trophies, as always a difficult task. The old skool trophy was awarded to Bethan with her pretty white Escort XR3i Mk5 Cabriolet, and the new skool trophy went to Ray with his shiny and Mountune logo’d Fiesta ST Mk7. The two happy owners proudly stowed their well deserved trophies in their respective cars.

The long daylight evenings at this time of year meant that the meeting stretched happily later than usual but eventually we all drifted off (not literally, we are all far too well behaved for that!), once again looking forward to our next meeting. Thank you so very much to all who attended and made this another great night, you are all much appreciated.

June 2022 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

Another great turnout despite the dreaded rain which again decided to fall at the time most of us were driving to the Piltdown Man. The rain did not last too long however and the evening brightened up as it progressed. The rain certainly did not put a dampener on the atmosphere, which as usual was very friendly and mutually supportive.

We had a great variety of cars attending, and the car of the night decisions were even more difficult than usual. Eventually the selection was made, with the old skool trophy being awarded to John with his fantastic white and blue MK1 Escort RS2000, and the new skool trophy going to Michaela with her stealth grey MK3 Focus RS, well deserved both of you.

It was great to see a few faces that hadn’t been for a while as well as our brilliant stalwarts, all of you are very welcome and much appreciated, we are very lucky to have such a good mixture of nice people as members.

Grateful thanks to all of you who could make it, and of course we missed those of you who could not come this time. Looking forward very much to our next meeting.

May 2022 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

The Great British weather was not kind to us for our May monthly meeting as, despite being sunny most of the day and evening, it rained during the time most of us were driving to our great venue, The Piltdown Man.

Nevertheless we had a great turnout and many members still brought their main show cars. It was good to welcome several new people and cars, as well as our fantastic stalwarts who graciously support us month after month, it really is much appreciated. As usual the atmosphere was warm and friendly, just as well since the weather got colder as the evening progressed.

A real feature of the night was Dave’s lovely red Escort van which may have looked standard at first glance but was anything but when you looked further. Under the bonnet lurked a Subaru turbo engine and the transmission was Subaru four wheel drive. That may sound impressive enough but the real beauty of this van was the amazingly subtle but excellently executed bodywork, from the brilliantly flared and extended wings, the lengthened bonnet and extensive modifications that were so well hidden. The owner has done all this work himself and his van is a great testament to his skill and dedication. It also helped that he was such a modest and friendly man who was happy to explain what had been done to the many people admiring his vehicle.  Of course the van was not the only lovely vehicle attending and there were many more great cars to see and admire on the night.

Now for the car of the night awards and old skool trophy just had to go to Dave’s Escort van as extolled above. The new skool trophy proved a difficult choice for your committee but in the end deservedly went to Steve Denyer’s absolutely pristine white Focus RS MK2 which was absolutely spotless and a real credit to him.

There really is something very special about fast Ford owners and the special camaraderie that we share, all too rare in today’s world. Thank you very much to all of those who could make it tonight, and of course we much missed those who were unable to come this time. Our first external show of the season is very soon and very much keenly anticipated, as are all our planned shows, our future monthly meets and the warmer summer months. Keep your eyes open for our imminent breakfast meet and drive out on the Jubilee weekend. We look forward to seeing you all again soon…

April 2022 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

Spring at last, and finally some evening daylight after a seemingly endless cold, wet and dark winter. We even had lovely sunshine to even further enhance the shine on all the great Fords that could make it.

The light evening was rewarded with a great and impressive turnout from our marvellous members, including several new attendees both local and from further afield. All of you were very welcome and your attendance was very much appreciated.

As usual the standard of the cars was outstanding and a real credit to all of the justifiably proud owners, well done all of you. The car of the night decisions were extra difficult this month due to both the number and high standard of all the cars, but eventually the Old Skool trophy went to Darren Reynolds with his lovely white Series 1 Escort RS Turbo, and the New Skool trophy went to Wayne Francis with his white Focus RS MK2, well deserved both of you.

Each meeting just seems to get better and better and the friendly and mutually supportive environment is an excellent reflection on all of those who were able to attend. Thank you so much to all of you for making the Sussex RSOC such a great club.

It only remains to thank our gracious hosts at the Piltdown Man and our generous sponsors whose support is very much appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you all again at next month’s meeting and at the shows that are due to begin in May with Beaulieu. For details of joining instructions for any of the shows please contact Andy or Jackie Coleman, places are filling fast so get your reservations booked soon.

March 2022 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

Another great meet with good attendance considering the cold weather and darkness, it was good to see some new cars and faces, some we haven’t seen for a little while and, of course, the usual stalwarts, the support from all is equally very much appreciated. We even had some visitors from a neighbouring county, the news of our convivial hospitality is obviously getting out there! It is a great reflection on our club that we have such a wide range of members, in terms of age and many other factors, relating to both people and cars, long may it continue and even further develop.

As always we were well looked after by Annie, Fraser and all the team at The Piltdown Man, with many of our members partaking of the lovely food and drink available. Our esteemed Chairman Phil gave us all an update from the National RSOC AGM that he and Mike attended on our behalf on the first Sunday in March all the way up in Derby, thanks to both for making the long journey up there and back on the one day. Most of you will know that the Mark 7.5 Fiesta ST they used for the journey is a lovely car but that it does not have the most comfortable suspension for long drives!

It was great to see the return of the car of the night competition and the well-deserved winners this month were:

New Skool: Ian Priddy with his lovely Nitrous Blue Focus RS Mk3 Edition.

Old Skool: Harry Coleman with his fantastic white Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4×4.

The conversation and gentle banter flowed well all evening as has become the norm at our meets and, once again, left us all looking forward to seeing each other again both next month and in the future warmer and lighter months, both at our monthly meets and the shows we have organised. Many thanks to all who could make it, great to see all of you.

February 2022 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

Another great meeting for the Sussex RSOC, and the first one this year. Luckily it stayed dry and relatively warm for the time of year, always a bonus. With the darkness and winter road conditions many of us brought along our ST’s or daily drivers, although most had been beautifully cleaned and polished and were, as usual, a credit to their owners.

We did have a good selection of RS’s, however, both the usual suspects and some cars which were new to us. Phil H brought along an interesting 3 door Cosworth replica and there was a lovely F150 car transporter which attracted much attention.

As usual The Piltdown Man made us very welcome and the Sussex Mini Club were also in attendance, so something for everyone petrol head related. As usual our members enjoyed a very friendly and convivial evening with like minded people, leaving us all looking forward to next months meeting and indeed further monthly meetings in the warmer months as well as the much anticipated shows this year which we hope to attend.

Grateful thanks for all who were able to make it, to Annie and the team at The Piltdown Man, and our generous sponsors,  whose support is very much appreciated.

January 2022 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

There will be NO monthly meet in January 2022 due to The Piltdown Man Pub being closed.

December 2021 – Sussex RSOC Christmas Meal at The Piltdown Man Pub

With 40 members paid and food choices made, the 8th Dec was our largest group for our annual Christmas meal.  The committee had worked hard to ensure the food was quality checked and the venue suitably decorated.  A special thanks must go to Billie for the hard work to make the evening such a success, such great organisation skills, thank you.

2021 has been a challenging year, as we are sure you all have experienced, but the Sussex Group has gone from strength to strength managing to attend many events including National Day.  The Christmas Meal was the conclusion a successful 2021, but we also see it as a start to an exciting future for our region.  Thank you to all that came to the meal and to all of those that have supported us throughout 2021, just imagine what our region will be like without any restrictions. 

To finish in the words of our Chairman, Phil Adams, “We now have many more friends and our lives are richer because of the success of the Sussex RSOC, thank you to you all”.  So with a final word of 2021, a massive “thank you” and “keep the enthusiasm” goes to Phil Adams who has really put his heart and soul into this group…

November 2021 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

The dreaded Covid had an impact on attendance at this month’s meet as several members are having to self isolate or look after family who have tested positive. We wish all of those affected a full and speedy recovery. This, combined with the November darkness and unfortunately damp and drizzly weather, did reduce our group size but despite all of this we had a very respectable attendance of people and cars.

As usual we were a cheerful and friendly bunch of petrol heads and conversation and gentle banter flowed easily throughout the evening. I think it fair to say that all enjoyed the evening and are very much looking forward to the next Christmas Meal Meet on Wednesday 8th December – look forward to seeing you there.

October 2021 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

Another great turn out despite it being dark at the 7:00pm start time. Our members really do us proud, both in terms of their lovely cars so beautifully prepared, and for the ever increasing friendliness and supportiveness within our group, it genuinely is a pleasure to be among such a great group of people, thank you to all.

Due to the darkness, most of the group congregated inside the pub this time, and as usual Annie, Fraser and all the team made us feel very welcome and that our custom was appreciated. The raffle delayed from our last meeting was held to much amusement, and grateful thanks must go to those who declined to accept more than one prize, instead allowing others to have a go at winning the goodies.

A huge thank you to the following who donated some lovely prizes towards our raffle which meant we could raise £120 towards the club:
– RS Owners Club
– Birchwood Ford
– The Piltdown Man
– AC Cars
– Rehademade with Love
– Ode and Fenn
– Fast and Photography
– Palmer Adams Property Maintenance
– Committee Members

The old skool car of the night trophy went to Neil with his grey Escort RS Turbo Series 2. The new skool car of the night trophy went to Josh with his nitrous blue Focus RS Mk3, well deserved both of you.

Bob also belatedly received the annual Committee’s Choice Award for his outstanding loyalty, support and dedication to our Sussex RSOC Group, again thoroughly well deserved Bob and well done.

In summary another great meeting, many thanks to all who could make it, and once again looking forward to the next one.

September 2021 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

What another great turnout again for our September Monthly Meet, we were delighted to see so many lovely old and new school Fords, it was even necessary for some to park in the field at the end of the car park.

The Piltdown Man again did us proud with such friendly and efficient hosting, and the food once again went down very well with our members, in more ways than one.  We certainly fell on our feet finding this fantastic new venue, grateful thanks to Annie and Fraser for all they did towards another great night.

Your committee make an annual decision on the Committee Choice Award and this year it deservedly went to Bob for his long standing support, loyalty and dedicated attendance at most events, well done Bob.

The New Skool Car of the Night Award went to Robin with his pristine Fiesta ST MK7 on air suspension.

The Old Skool Car of the Night Award went to Ray Harding with his beautiful MK1 Escort Mexico.

A big story of the night was the premature arrival of a somewhat dramatic thunderstorm and torrential rain, much earlier than forecast, which unfortunately resulted in the meet ending early.  It also meant that we were unable to carry out the raffle, so this will now be held at our next monthly meet on Wednesday 13th October at The Piltdown Man; make sure that you keep your raffle tickets safe until then and remember to bring them along with you.

It only remains to once again thank our main sponsors, Birchwood Ford, for attending and also The Piltdown Man, Annie, Fraser and all the staff for such brilliant hosting.

August 2021 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Piltdown Man Pub

What an incredible August monthly meet last night which we held for the first time at our new location The Piltdown Man! Thank you to everyone for coming, it was great to meet both old & new faces along with their Fords. With 73 stunning Fords whom attended, this by far has to be our best monthly meet turn out.

August 2021 New Skool Monthly Meet “Car of the Night” trophy was awarded to Ben Blackmar with his stunning New Skool Red Edition MK3 Focus RS 🏆

August 2021 Old Skool Monthly Meet “Car of the Night” trophy was awarded to Gordon with his Spotless Blue Escort MK2 1600 Sport🏆

A huge thank you too:
⭐️ The Piltdown Man for providing us with a perfect location and delicious food.
⭐️ Ryan from Birchwood Group for presenting Car of the Night.
⭐️ Kent RSOC group for joining us for the evening.

We look forward to seeing you all again at the Piltdown Man on WEDNESDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER FROM 7pm!

July 2021 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at B_Road Hunting Club

The main subject on most people’s minds before the July Monthly Meet was the weather but fortunately it ended up staying dry and the sun even kindly put in a brief appearance towards the end of the evening.

There was quite a good turnout with the usual suspects as well as a few new cars, all of them resplendent and interesting.  As usual there was a great atmosphere and it was good to spend time amongst fellow Ford lovers and petrolheads in lovely surroundings with good food and drink available.  The mix of cars and people was wide and varied but with all sharing a common interest the chat flowed easily.

The car of the night trophy went to Phil Hampton’s lovely Mark One Escort which everyone admired, especially when we found out how long the project had taken to complete.

In summary another great evening which left most if not all looking forward to the next one…

June 2021 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at B_Road Hunting Club

Covid restrictions lifted, it was time to arrange our June 2021 monthly meet with all systems go! We found a new venue which had recently opened and held our June 2021 monthly meet at B_Road Hunting Club.

There was a good turnout with approximately 50 cars in attendance.

The car of the night trophy went to Bill Patchall and his beautiful MK2 Focus RS which shon from the crowd.

Sussex RSOC look forward to returning to B_Road Hunting Club next month.

September 2020 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at Teambase, Uckfield

Following on from August’s monthly meet success, we were kindly invited by a club member Rob Barford to host our meet at his business unit “Teambase” in Uckfield. This time with even more incredible blue ovals pouring into the carpark we were so proud to see the club expanding with such an array of cars and new faces.

This meet introduced our first ever raffle for which we would like to give a huge thanks for everyone who generously donated superb prizes. Our merchandise coordinator Jackie Coleman did a fantastic job offering club merchandise and taking orders for club clothing.

In addition we marked the end of the season with a committees choice award, given to Eric Nickisson for his continued help and support. We also said a sad farewell to our club photographer Alex Knight who was leaving for university and awarded him with the ‘first club photographer’ award.

With so many lovely examples the SAS “car of the meet” trophy was doubled for old and new skool and awarded to Sam Ashby’s Mk2 Escort and Ryan Coulstocks Mk2 Focus RS.

As always thank you for your continued support and contribution to the club.

August 2020 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at AC Cars

Sussex RSOC held their socially distanced August monthly meet at AC Cars, Wych Cross.

We decided to add some variation to this monthly meet location and boy was it a success!

By 7pm the burger van was fired up, Fast Fords photographer Jason Dodd was in position.

Much to our excitement the fords came rolling in and what stunning examples too, boasting so many marques of blue oval.
The venue overflowed hosting lots of passion, chatter and laughter.
During the evening three members had the opportunity to have to mini fast ford feature.

The SAS “car of the night” trophy was awarded to Jason Hughes pristine Sapphire Cosworth.

As a club we were overwhelmed with everyone who helped run the evening and everyone who attended.

October 2019 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Plough, Plumpton

As has unfortunately been the common theme of the weather in 2019, the October meet was a cold and damp evening, but our spirits were certainly not dampened. Fortunately, we still saw many beautiful array of Fords including a stunning Mk1 Escort and a rare Mk2 Fiesta XR2. Due to the dark nights setting in there was no SAS Car of the Night Award at this meeting, but our resident photographer @Alex.kn1ght was on hand, and he doesn’t let a little thing like darkness stop him from snapping some great shots of the cars.

September 2019 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Plough, Plumpton

Cloudy, cool, and scattered showers throughout the day,  meant it was a wonderful surprise that the evening was graced with a great number of beautiful and exciting cars.  Around 20 turned up, the usual suspects were all there, a few members who hadn’t visited for a while and three new faces all arrived to what turned out to be a very enjoyable evening.  Bob Kane won the SAS Car of the Night Competition with his fantastic RS2000; which. in Serena’s absence was judged by Serena’s husband Colin and last months winner Andy.

July 2019 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Plough, Plumpton

The sun was out and it was dry, which means expectations of a good turnout were high, and we were not disappointed.  The Sussex group is going from strength to strength with what must have been our busiest night yet.

As I pulled into the car park I was greeted by the regular cars to the meet and some I hadn’t seen before.  There was so much to look at from mk4 turbo charged cortina’s ( not seen this set up before! And was very nice ) to a concourse RS3100 Capri and RS2000 and an extremely rare concourse 280 Brooklands Capri that has a fantastic story to tell, I’m sure if you ask Glenn he will only be too happy to explain.

The evening was a fantastic summers night and allowed us to stay in the car park and spend time looking at all the cars.  As I was last months ‘car of the night’ winner it fell to me to join Serena to pick July’s ‘car of the night’. Now I hear the words “it was a close run thing” and “tough to choose” but honestly it really was a tough decision.  Serena and I narrowed it down to 2 cars and then, more or less a flip of a coin, we agreed it. Wayne’s gorgeous RS3100 Capri was the car of July’s meet – congratulations to Wayne.

It was a great evening speaking to you all and I must end by saying a massive thank you to everyone that attends our monthly meeting, we cant do it without you, and Serena Stone (SAS Valeting and Detailing) for your continues sponsorship of the Car of the Night award.

May 2019 – Sussex RSOC Monthly Meet at The Plough, Plumpton

As usual we met at 7pm on what was a dry, cool and windy evening. Around 25 cars turned up and about 40 people. We held the first SAS Car of the Night Competition which was won by our social media co-ordinator; Joe Dale with his spotlessly clean Mk3 Focus RS.