Group Events 2022

2nd July – Cosworth Drivers Club Day at Hever Castle

Not too early a start and great to have a fairly local meet this time. Most of us met at Uckfield at a very reasonable 8:00am and then set off for the relatively short drive to Hever Castle soon after. A very pleasant journey for our little convoy with the only hiccup being seeing a Fiat 500 on its roof in a field with everyone wondering how on earth he or she managed to get there.

On arrival at Hever Castle we parked up in a holding car park where the usual friendly banter flowed easily and it was interesting to see cars from other clubs arriving too. Eventually we were allowed to enter the Castle grounds and we parked up in the fantastic and very impressive parkland, unfortunately not all together but fairly close all the same. There were many other interesting cars there, including from our hosts the Cosworth Driver’s Club and from our friends the Kent RSOC Group. The venue really was beautiful with great views, gardens, lakes, the castle itself, etc etc, and those of us who had not been before were very impressed.

The weather was sunny and warm with a nice breeze and the day passed very pleasantly with our usual walk around the location and the cars there. Ben, our club photographer, was hard at work most of the day taking photographs, for which we are very grateful as always. He even took pics of our friends cars from Kent and others, winning more brownie points for Sussex RSOC.

It was another lovely day with great company and great cars, set off by our eventual gentle convoy heading towards our homes. I think we all look forward to attending this show again next year if we are lucky enough to be invited. Thank you so very much everyone.

26th June – Oxford Regional Day at Cotsworld Wildlife Park & Gardens

To support our fellow local group, we travelled to Oxford’s Regional Day at Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens on the last Sunday in June. The weather was a little unkind to us as it rained a bit early in the morning, leading to wet roads and spray, and then again as we neared the venue, slightly disappointing for all of us who had put so much effort as usual in preparing our cars to represent Sussex. Nevertheless the day brightened and on the whole the day was sunny in parts and mainly dry if a little breezy.

Most participants met nice and early at Maresfield Services, joining the rest at Cobham Services at 7:15am. The traffic was good as expected at that early hour, and we only met a little hold up on the M40 due to what looked like quite a serious accident with one car well off the road and among the trees and bushes. Our convoy was well behaved as has become the norm but was fun all the same. We all arrived safely and set up our stand in our allotted space, quickly remedying the rain damage to our cars.

After that, and those not cleaning cars setting up the flags, banner and gazebo, thank you,  we had a quick tour of the attractions before returning to our cars for a little lunch. The car of the show trophy was voted on by all of us there, and Mike was the well deserved winner this time with his lovely Focus RS Mk1, well done Mike. We then set off for a longer tour of the attractions, including the other groups and cars there, the zoo animals, the gardens, the train ride and of course the gift shop.

It certainly was a full and interesting day, and really good to spend time with each other in a lovely place. Eventually we decided to set off for home, actually one of the last groups to leave, and our convoy was once again in motion. Unfortunately the traffic was very heavy on our return journey with quite a few hold ups, but we largely managed to stay together with a pre-arranged stop, again at Cobham Services. Sadly again this was very busy so most decided to try to find an alternative refreshment venue a bit closer to home. This did split up the group a bit but we did all make it home safely.

All in all another great day with nice company, thank you to everyone who could make it.

11th June – Cosworth Drivers Club Day at Brooklands Museum

What a fantastic day as guests of the Cosworth Driver’s Club at Brooklands Museum for a car club display meeting. It was fortunately not too early a start with a lot of us meeting at 7:45am at Maresfield Services on the A22/A26 for a 8:00am departure. The traffic was quite heavy and when we eventually reached the M25 it looked really busy but thankfully it cleared quite quickly and we were able to make good progress. Just like the rest of us, Ben is very protective of his car, and it shows his dedication to getting good rolling photographs of our cars that he allowed Carmel to drive his pride and joy while he poked his lense out of the passenger side window to capture the shots he wanted! With only minor mishaps due to differing satnav directions we all arrived at our venue for the day and were parked up by the marshall’s.

We were lucky to have a nice warm and sunny day if a bit breezy, and we all set to work cleaning up our cars after the journey. After that was done we set up our chairs for some quick refreshments and then set off for a brief first look at the attractions at Brooklands before three of our members had to leave for a pre-arranged appointment. On our return to our group of cars there was a birthday presentation to Andy Coleman, our ever popular Events Coordinator, who kindly shared his birthday cake with the rest of us. The car of the show trophy was put to a vote among all of us present and I am delighted to say that this was won by your humble writer, Andy Barry, for his Mark 3 Focus RS. We partook of our lunches and then set of for a more leasurely trip around the venue attractions, led by our guide little Sophie who has taken on this role with great enthusiasm. There was much to see spread over the site with planes, cars, motorbikes, pedal bikes, buses, etc all to look at. There were many very keen volunteers ready to explain the items on display in great detail with varying degrees of success.

After this second and much longer tour of Brooklands we regrouped again at our cars and then set off in convoy for the return journey.

What really made this day such a great one was our fantastic bunch of members attending and the tremendous camaraderie and genuine friendship we share. Spending time with each other restores faith in human nature to a very pleasant degree, all so very refreshing to experience. It certainly encourages us to look forward to our next meeting.

3rd June 2022 – Jubilee Breakfast Meet

Our first breakfast meet this year and the weather was very kind to us with warm sunshine right from the off. We all met at The Piltdown Man for the 9:30am start and we had an excellent turn out as usual these days. Annie, Fraser and all the staff at the The Piltdown Man did an excellent job with the buffet breakfast which was very well organised as well as being very tasty, and this went down very well with our members in more ways than one.

The car park was resplendent with lovely Ford’s all gleaming in the sunshine, each of them a credit to their respective owners love, attention and dedication. The car of the show trophy was put to a vote among all the members present, and our generous sponsors from Auto Solutions who also kindly attended, and the well deserved winner was Glenn with his beautiful red Series 2 Escort RS Turbo.

After the trophy presentation, we set off for the drive out to Newhaven but unfortunately with bank holiday traffic and single carriageway roads we did get divided up, especially after joining the A27 just south of Lewes.

We all made it to Newhaven however and parked up in the West Promenade car park, putting on quite a show for the other people parking there. Once again our cars made an impressive display of Fords from several decades, from the lovely MK1 Escort RS2000 to the several MK3 Focus RS’s and everything in between. There was much friendly chat, both among the members and with other members of the public who were there enjoying the great weather, and I think it fair to say that we did well on behalf of our fantastic club, long may it continue.

Many thanks to all of those who could make it, and of course we missed all of you who could not come this time. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

22nd May 2022 – Simply Ford at Beaulieu

The first external meeting of the season for us, which was eagerly anticipated with all of us attending putting much time and effort into preparing our cars. The day dawned a little misty and many of us meeting at Tesco’s in Lewes for the 6:00am departure showed signs of the dreaded condensation.  Fortunately the day brightened as it progressed and we were very lucky to have a lovely warm and sunny day for most of this meeting.

The convoy there was very well behaved but still good fun with Calvin and Emily taking some rolling shots along the way. We once again hit reduced speed limits and average speed cameras once we got into Hampshire but it really wasn’t a problem and we soon regrouped at Rownham Services.  There were unfortunately long queues approaching Beaulieu and we were all very wary to be run towards and then passed by a large herd of cows on the road which thankfully got by without incident.  Then when we got into the venue we were held in car parks with our engines getting hotter and hotter.

When we were eventually told we could enter the event unfortunately Jackie’s lovely Series 1 Escort RS Turbo refused to start and she and Andy were left trying to get it going again. The rest of us parked up in formation in an impressive stand with the 21 cars who had booked in putting on a good show.  We all missed Jackie and Andy but Bob had the answer as he quickly produced a spare coil from the boot of his immaculate Sapphire 4×4 and this did indeed solve the problem with both of our missing friends and their cars promptly joining our merry band on our stand.  All of us were delighted with the outcome and it just goes to show that not all heroes wear capes, good on you Bob for coming to the rescue.

The car of the show trophy, kindly sponsored by Auto Solutions, was voted on by all our members and the winner was Jon and Thea’s unique Ford Special which also attracted much attention from all the other show visitors, well deserved indeed.

As usual at Beaulieu the atmosphere was excellent and there was much to see and do. I think it fair to say that we all had a great day and very much look forward to attending again next year.

20th March 2022 – Beachy Head Drive Out

It was a bit of a last-minute decision, but the sun was finally shining, and we were all itching to get out.

It was decided that we would meet at Wickes car park in Hailsham at 10am and convoy along to Beachy Head.

A few of us met on the A22 at Uckfield, joined by new member Calvin and our new club photographers Erin and Josh @fastandphotography.

We had a nice mixed array of old and new skool for our drive down to Wickes.

As we pulled into the car park we were greeted by a few more of our members, along with some new faces. There were some lovely cars including a beautiful white whale fin Sierra Cosworth, a gorgeous Mk1 Escort and the regular members Sierra Cosworth, Escorts, RS Focus’ and Fiesta STs, to name a few.

We had a lovely drive down to Beachy Head where Fast and Photography took some amazing rolling shots including a fantastic picture of Simon’s superb XR2 outside Birchwood Ford.

Once at Beachy Head we pulled over for a long overdue catch up and a coffee where everyone involved seemed to be enjoying getting back into the swing of things.

It was a really nice impromptu get together organised by Billie. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and gave us all a taster of the show season and drive outs we have got arranged for this coming year.

We have a really nice mixed array of old skool and new fast Fords and a nice mix of old and young members that gel really well which makes for some great days out as a club.

Roll on the summer!

Andy and Jackie Coleman